Birthing in a Disaster Zone: Ground Zero in The Philippines

Nearly two years since cyclone Haiyan ravaged the islands of The Philippines, a generous batch of essential oils is making a direct impact in the lives of long-suffering local mothers. Our intrepid Bumi Wadah Collaborative Project continues…
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Norlane Clinic: The place to be for Mrs G.

A recent traumatic episode in Mrs G’s life left her with little function over parts of her body.  Once again, the Sydney Essential Oil Company, One Health Organisation and Hands on Health Australia have joined forces to offer relief for Mrs…

The Good Oil from SEOC!

Three year old Htet Ko Shine was unable to fight off common skin infections. That was until an Australian aromatherapy supplier got involved.

Essential Oils Provide Essential Relief for Mums-to-Be!

Bumi Sehat brings comfort to woman in labour with the soothing scent of essential oils.