“The Edge” of Success – Refugees, Films and Fundraising

For Constance, having escaped conflict in Sudan for a new life in Australia, the recent postponement of a film premiere depicting her story would have seemed a minor irritation. In fact , the interruption wrought by ex cyclone Debbie…
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How A Strong Brand Can Help Achieve Your Social Purpose

Most NFPs hear the question “but what do you actually do?” all too often. Unfortunately, the best tool for ensuring people know who you are and what you’re about - a strong brand - is often discarded as unnecessary unless you are in…

Acupuncture for All – A Social Enterprise Model

Anahita received a good education and became an accomplished artisan and educator, and imagined she would have a good future in Iran. But war put paid to her plans and she found herself with no choice but to flee for her life. In the cramped…

A Helping Hand for Those Seeking Health

Bioconcepts, OHO and the World Wellness Group have combined to assist refugees and asylum seekers towards greater health.

Marina’s Message of Self Sufficiency

World Wellness Group's Marina Chand recently spoke to OHO about the importance of economic independence for social ventures.