Stephanie’s passion for people and equality began in her early university days where she studied Anthropology, Law and Development Politics, where she volunteered in Sudan with the Red Cross. At 24 she took over management of a chain of 10 herbal medicine shops, using lateral thinking and creative business management to grow the company to 50 shops, all the while guiding the business to a more socially responsible format. She has had the opportunity to speak at a number of national conferences on human rights and social responsibility. The unique ability she brings to her role in OHO is the capacity to apply creative yet analytical thought to systems and processes, without ever losing sight of the human faces behind the words.

What was the most important part of your education?
Until I was 5, my parents and I lived on a boat, sailing around Western Africa. Learning how to adapt to radically changing cultures, languages and landscapes was totally formative!

What is your favourite thing about humanity?
Our ability to find beauty in tragedy, to turn misfortune into art, sorrow into wisdom.

How would people communicate in a perfect world?
We would listen to understand, not listen to reply.

What’s your favourite word (in any language)?
Namaskar – the divinity within me recognises and greets the divinity within you.

How about a working definition of happiness?
The ability to accept who you are and what your life looks like, without losing the desire to make a difference.