Nearly two years since cyclone Haiyan ravaged the islands of The Philippines, a generous batch of essential oils is making a direct impact in the lives of long-suffering local mothers.

Our intrepid Bumi Wadah Collaborative Project continues to provide its specialised support to the people of Dulag, The Philippines, with the assistance of a donation of oils from the Sydney Essential Oil company. 17 months after the super typhoon Haiyan struck down 9 islands in the Central Philippines, many people in the region still face great difficulties in their daily lives.

As Ibu Robin points out,

“They live in the remains of shacks, pieced together from donated tarps, bent corrugated tin sheets, and wood planks cut from the coconut trees felled by the storm. We take our new mothers home, so we see how they struggle day to day, to bring food home for their family. “

Under such circumstances, the already trying process of childbirth is exacerbated. Fortunately, the Bumi Wadah team is on hand to alleviate conditions with the application of the essential oils. The castor oil has greatly assisted labour inducement while the mum-to-be oil has helped to reduce pain and emotional distress during childbirth and afterwards.

Starting out in tents in the early days of the disaster, Bumi Wadah has since established a clinic in a Dulag building repaired by the Philippines military. With rooms for staff and pre-natal care, Bumi Sehat is further enabled to provide this crucial service where it is most needed.

“Please let our donor for the oils know… they are safely in our hands… and we will use them to help the poorest people.  Today we took a mother home, with her 7th baby. Her husband pedals a rickshaw. They live in a shack… barely a shack, but full of love. This is the typical family we help.” – Ibu Robin.