The 8th of May marked six months since the largest typhoon in recorded history hit the Philippines. The devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan shook the roots of entire villages and communities. The most vulnerable were the worst hit.

Volunteers and the thankful community

UNICEF estimates that more than 1.5 million children were at risk of acute malnutrition and about 800,000 pregnant and lactating women were in need of immediate nutritional support in the affected areas.

These overwhelming figures didn’t stop OHO and our partners from rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Our mission is ‘Health for All’ and we are dedicated to providing as much relief to the disaster-affected families as we can.

OHO provided grants to fly CNN Hero of the Year, Robin Lim, and several other experienced midwives in to ground zero to assist pregnant women and new mothers. Our major partner Metagenics also helped us supply nutritional supplies to approximately 220,000 pregnant women in the affected areas. They made a sizeable donation of 9,000 units of protein bars weighing over 600kgs.

Their mother haemorrhaged while giving birth but recovering well thanks to Bumi Sehat’s team

Robin Lim and her team have been providing us with regular updates on the amazing work they are doing under extremely challenging circumstances.

In some parts of the country, the laboring mothers have no place to go as the Philippine Rural and Municipal Health Centers are still in ruins. The makeshift birth centres set up by the Bumi Sehat Foundation and partner organisations are the best option available to these women as they are clean, open 24/7 and free to give birth at.

Here is a 6 month synopsis of the support the foundation had provided for the survivors of typhoon Haiyan:

  • Babies born in the tent
  • Prenatal check-ups
  • Postpartum evaluations
  • Home visits
  • General Medicine patients, including wound care
  • Ambulance transports
  • Vaccinations (mostly tetanus to protect children from rusty storm debris)
  • Food provided, including Clif & Luna Bars via Direct Relief,
    Plumpy Sup and High Energy Biscuits from World Food Plan,
    Metagenics & Carmans high protein food bars from Australia
    plus cooked meals
  • 414
  • 2,193
  • 840
  • 163
  • 5,818
  • 248
  • 293
  • 59,000

Previous project reports are available here.

Months may have flown past but the crisis isn’t over yet. It will take years to rebuild the affected communities. For birthing and new mothers Bumi Sehat’s midwives are the only source of hope. OHO is committed to continue to support Robin and her exceptional team to provide birthing and nutritional support to the pregnant mothers of the Philippines.