Project Details
Salvation Army, Oasis, Kings Cross region. Nutritional outreach for youth with drug & alcohol addiction. On site Volunteer Naturopath weekly on Wednesday mornings, supplying protein drinks, fresh juices & supplements.

“My clients are mainly teenage kids who live on the streets. They come to
Oasis to have a safe place to live where they are offered schooling and work
skills. I give them information on food and health. They are very
inquisitive and ask lots of questions and will come back the next week with
what they’ve changed from our last weeks discussion.

My first Impressions were that that the kids with drug & alcohol addiction
would be less interactive and not really that interested in having a
Naturopath on site. But they love it and they always say I wish you were
here every morning. They often offer their help too. Interacting with the
Oasis group 1st thing in the morning is a great start to their day & mine.

It’s rewarding to see the excitement and genuine interest from the kids each
Wednesday morning. Some of them rush in saying ohh I forgot it was
Wednesday and I nearly missed my protein & fresh juice.

Offering protein, supplements & fresh juice is also a way to break the ice
within the new arrivals, often those that have had the wed morning
experience will offer their juice mix idea or tell another kid hey you gotta
try this.”

Trinity Pearce, Naturopath and Nutritionalist Volunteer with OHO

Volunteering for OHO is a rewarding experience where we can share our
knowledge & offer support to those is the community who otherwise wouldn’t
be able to afford and receive the benefits of natural therapies”

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