It is a huge encouragement for everyone at OHO when we hear about our efforts making a real difference- especially when we hear it directly from the community.

Picture of the new water tank by one of the students at Dalaigur Pre-school in Kempsey.

A drawing of the new water tank by one of the students at Dalaigur Pre-school in Kempsey.

The Gunawirra Project- aimed at helping young indigenous children learn about nutrition, health and culture, recently received a grant from the Happy Herb Company and The Happy Herb Shop, Coolangatta. The project is assisted by OHO.

The grant was used to construct water tanks, which enabled a continual supply of water for the bush tucker garden and vegie patch at the Dalaigur Pre-school in Kempsey. In addition to the edible gardens, the school has also planted a flower garden which is a source of beauty and joy for not only the children but the wider school community.

Here is a message from the school-

“These tanks have helped on many different levels including practical, educational and facilitating relationship building between the preschool and the community.

First of all it, on a practical level, the tanks allow for fresh water and self-sustainability. Kempsey is very dry and often has droughts, so everything dies. Thanks to the tank, we are able to keep things alive, and use existing water from the rain to keep fruits and vegetables growing.

The water tank has also had a role in educating the children and community about recycling and the importance of water.  As the garden now has a continual water supply, the kids are trying new foods!  For example spinach used to be a vegetable they have never tasted before but now we are finding they are buying these items themselves in the shops – this is attributed to the garden.

We now have a flower garden, which helps us to see the beauty in life everyday, as sometimes it is a struggle in this community. On another level, the water tanks helps us build relationship between the teachers, workers and parents.  Parents help with the garden and also feel comfortable enough to speak to us about other matters, that they would otherwise not have.

Thank you, we appreciate the support and the tank!”  by Janet Jansen, Kempsey