When Jessica* came to Oasis Crisis Accommodation a few years ago, she desperately needed a safe and comfortable refuge from the streets on cold winter nights. She had been sleeping on trains for many weeks. Oasis offered her not just a bed, but an opportunity for her to rewrite her future.

Oasis provides a safe accommodation to young, disadvantaged people. Run by the Salvation Army the program assists the youth in reestablishing a sense of choice, build confidence and move forward in their lives.

A youth worker at the Oasis Youth Outreach in Kingscross preparing dispensing bottles from the SEOC Community Aromatherapy Kits

Jessica is only one of the many young Australians who knock on the door of Oasis. Most of them experience significant dietary problems, drug, alcohol addictions, mental health issues (including depression, chronic stress and suicidal tendencies), self-esteem, social isolation, dysfunctional family support, and interrupted education and employment.

Thanks to the support of organisations like Sydney Essential Oil Company (SEOC) – one of OHO’s longest standing partner, Oasis can offer a unique range of therapeutic essential oils to help treat a range of common ailments in these youths. Last year, SEOC donated a Community Aromatherapy Oil kits to Oasis as a part of its involvement in OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme.

The Aromatherapy Kits are a unique, tailor-made collection of essential oil and massage blends used in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, insomnia and reduced immunity. They are designed to be self applied twice a day as a part of a process of self care. Needless to say, the SEOC kits have made a world of difference to the wellness of the young people living at Oasis.

Once engaged in Oasis services, Jessica decided to enroll in the on-site Oasis School as she had not yet completed her Higher School Certificate. Excelling in her Year 10 studies, she continued to study in the following year and began her Year 11 studies. Over this time, she lived in a one-bedroom unit in Oasis’ Transitional Accommodation program, where she could continue her studies in a stable environment as well as participate in case management. Through working with Oasis, Jessica developed the skills to live independently.

We are pleased to report that late last year she moved into her own private rental property. She is working towards achieving her Higher School Certificate and participating in regular case management with Oasis.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.