OHO has made an initial contribution of $1000 to help our Collaborative Partners at World Wellness Group (WWG) raise start-up funds for a healthcare clinic for marginalised migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. More details about their fundraising efforts are at http://startsomegood.com/Venture/world_wellness_group/Campaigns/Show/connect_contribute_create

We are not the only ones who think that they are doing a great job. Here is what some of WWG’s campaign ambassadors have to say about their efforts.

“I commend WWG for setting up the World Wellness Clinic that enables migrants and refugees to better access health services in primary care. Navigating our health care system is not easy, especially for those from different cultural and language backgrounds or who have come to Australia with distressing and traumatic experiences. Providing accessible and culturally appropriate care in the community is essential to their wellbeing and the community in general. I will be watching the outcomes of the WWG program and am pleased to support WWG in filling a critical gap in our community.”
Prof Mieke van Driel, Head of General Practice, The University of Queensland. 

“MDA fully supports WWG in this innovative funding initiative. MDA is privileged to work with refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom have experienced difficult and complex journeys to find safety and protection. The WWG is an important provider of health care to support the well being and restoration of hope and dignity to these vulnerable clients. By securing funds for their own clinic, more migrants, refugees and asylum seekers will get the same level of health care as everyone else in our community. I encourage you to support this worthwhile campaign.” Kerrin Benson, CEO, Multicultural Development Association