Eating a balanced meal even once a day is an elusive and often unattainable concept for many disadvantaged groups of our community such as homeless people, low-income earners, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. Lack of proper nutrition for a prolonged period of time may lead not only to physical but also mental health problems.

World Wellness Group (WWG), a not-for-profit holistic health and wellbeing organization, with the help of One Health Organisation, is making a positive impact to the physical and emotional wellbeing of underprivileged part of our community by offering them nutritional supplements.

One Health Organisation (OHO) is a holistic social enterprise, supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable through a holistic approach to primary health care. OHO is the only United Nations registered association of its kind.

Thanks to Metagenics, OHO’s major sponsor, OHO facilitated a donation of protein bars and protein powder to WWG.  These nutritional products are being used in two of WWG’s programs, the mental health and wellbeing program and the GP clinic for refugees and asylum seekers.

The protein bars are making a huge improvement to the overall health of WWG clients, many of who are under-nourished and on very low incomes with little opportunity to buy and consume good quality protein in their daily diets.

This testimonial by Homeopath Marina Chand, sums up how valuable these nutrition supplements are and the difference they are making to the health of the less fortunate.


WWG psychologist Andres

 “We have a client of both programs who is an asylum seeker.  He lives alone and lives on a very small living allowance.  He had experienced rapid and considerable weight loss.  He attends counselling on a fortnightly basis with one of our psychologists and sees our GP when the need arises.  I suggested to the psychologist that the client could try taking a protein supplement for the weight loss as he is not able to eat properly.  The client commenced taking protein bars daily and found that not only did his physical health improve, but he also found that his depression symptoms improved.  He reported quite remarkable changes for the better and we will continue providing protein bars/powder to him until his weight returns to normal. The psychologist was also very pleasantly surprised and made a point of reporting this progress back as he had not considered that malnourishment could impact on mental health to the extent it did for this client.”