Raising children can be exhausting for parents, even in normal circumstances. But when Esperance*, a 32 year old single mother from an African background, visited the World Wellness Group clinic, she had been struggling with depression for many years. She had two children, one of whom has an intellectual disability. Away from her family, she had very little support in her life. All her mental and physical energy were spent on looking after her children. As a result her own health and wellbeing were severely neglected.

Untitled1The counsellors and therapist at the WWG clinic recommended her to use the Depression blend of oils, donated by Sydney Essential Oils Company as a part of its involvement in OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme.

Using the oil in between counselling sessions encouraged Esperance to practice some self-care, improving her state of mind and gradually helping her out of depression. Esperance is one of the many patients, who visit WWG’s clinics, seeking help for continuing health problems.

WWG is a not for profit organisation, formed by a group of health practitioners whose mission is to achieve health equity for migrants and refugees through wellness and social justice.

As a part of OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme, Sydney Essential Oils Company (SEOC) recently made a donation of therapeutic oils to be used in the treatment for patients at WWG’s general practice clinic and mental health and wellbeing program.

SEOC’s Pain and trauma oil blend was given to Mohammad*, a 29 year old man who is an amputee as a result of a bomb blast.  He was experiencing considerable pain and distress as his prosthetic limb was broken and he had not yet started rehabilitation for a new limb in Australia.  Once again, the oil helped ease some physical and emotional pain during this difficult time.

* Names changed for privacy reasons.

WWG has written a letter of thanks to SEOC for their generous donation. Excerpts from the letter are below.